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The following PDF files appear on various pages throughout our website. They appear here for easy reference and downloading.

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Basic Documents

Below are the main documents members and meetings will need:

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Service Documents

These documents are used by GPI chairs and committee members, or anyone interested in an elected position on GPI.

This list is in alphabetical order. Editable versions of all forms have been posted.

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Service Instructions

Below are instructions for GPI's trusted servants to perform common tasks and access secure GPI materials.

Cleaning Out GPI Email Boxes
Storage Locker

Cleaning Out GPI Email Boxes

Each GPI position has at least one email address associated with it in order to provide continuity between elections and anonymity to GPI members as they perform their duties. For a list of emails associated with each position, please see the GPI Roster. Email sent to these addresses automatically forwards to each GPI member's individual mailbox, so there is no need for GPI members to check their box in order to get their messages.

However, these email boxes have size limits, and so each GPI member is responsible for cleaning out these email boxes at least once per month. Reminder emails are sent monthly prior to the GPI meeting and include detailed instructions, but those instructions are repeated below for reference. The email password will be given to each GPI member by the webmaster.

  1. go to this link: https://rc.webmail.pair.com/
  2. enter the email address you are responsible for in the username@domain box (remember, you are responsible for not only the chair email; for example, marathon@gpioa.org, but also your committee email address, committee_marathon@gpioa.org.)
  3. enter the password
  4. now you're into the email interface; it will resemble MS Outlook. In the bottom left corner is a piechart, with a percent next to it. This is the percent of your mailbox size that you're using. If you hover the mouse over the percent (not the piechart), it'll tell you how much disk space you're currently using, and how big your total mailbox is. Remember, if you go over your size limit, the box closes down and doesn't receive mail.
  5. To select a message, just click on it, then click the trash can to delete it. You can select one message, and use control click to select other non-contiguous messages, and shift click to click continuous messages. That way, you can delete all at one time. There will be some spam to delete, and you'll want to delete any messages that will not be of use to whomever replaces you in your position down the line. **The goal is to only save emails that will be useful to your successors.**
  6. once you delete messages, click the "Trash" folder, then re-delete the messages from the Trash like you did in step 5 above. If you don't do this, the files aren't truly deleted and continue to take up space, putting your mailbox at risk of filling up and not receiving mail.
  7. go back to your inbox and click "Refresh" (it's in the upper left corner with 2 arrows overtop); this checks the mail again, so you can see if you've received any new spam. If you have, repeat steps 5 and 6.
  8. logout (button is in upper right corner of page)

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Storage Locker

GPI maintains a storage locker at U-Haul Moving & Storage of Oakland (formerly Iron City Self Storage). GPI members and committee members can access this locker as needed.

Please review the following instructions before going to the storage locker to save yourself a wasted trip:

  1. be sure you have the locker number and combination before going to the storage unit
  2. you *must* go to the locker during standard hours (when the office is open) from 8a-6p Mon-Sat or 9a-5p Sun; check the website at https://www.uhaul.com/Locations/Truck-Rentals-near-Pittsburgh-PA-15213/809082/ to be sure that these hours haven't changed
  3. once you arrive at U-Haul, go to the office and get the key for GPI's locker
  4. let the office worked know that, as a volunteer driven non profit organization, we do not have a fob to turn off the alarm which will go off when the storage locker door opens (so that they don't panic when they hear it going off)
  5. once you get to GPI's locker, unlock both locks
  6. be prepared for a loud alarm to go off when the door opens and breaks a security beam, the alarm will last for 30-45 seconds and then stop -- you do not need to do anything so long as you keeo the locker door open the entire time you're at the locker
  7. the combination lock is a little tricky, you must make sure that the numbers align exactly with the dashes, and once they do you just press on the numbers like a button to release the lock
  8. to lock the combination lock, you must change the numbers so the proper combination isn't set, otherwise the lock will not engage
  9. after accessing the locker, you must return the key to the office; failure to return the key will result in you being charged for a new secure lock for GPI's locker

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Below are all publicly available documents within GPI's Online Archive. This page is a work in progress.

PDF files are viewed with Adobe Reader. If you need Adobe Reader, please download Adobe Reader.

7th Tradition Contributions

GPI stopped sending individual confirmations to groups when they sent in 7th tradition contributions on January 1, 2010. Yearly summaries of group contributions after that date are available below:
2010 GPI Contributions
2011 GPI Contributions
2012 GPI Contributions
2014 GPI Contributions
2015 GPI Contributions

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Prior Years GPI Representation and 7th Tradition Contributions

Details regarding group representation at GPI and 7th tradition contributions to GPI after 2015 are available below:
2016 GPI Contributions & Group Representation
2017 GPI Contributions & Group Representation
2018 GPI Contributions & Group Representation
2019 GPI Contributions & Group Representation
2020 GPI Contributions & Group Representation
2021 GPI Contributions & Group Representation
2022 GPI Contributions & Group Representation

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Past GPI Meeting Documents

Below are available documents from past GPI meetings.
2023   2022   2021


November 12

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October 1

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September 10
  • September Minutes (Final Approved version including Reports)
  • August Financial Statements
  • August 6
    July 9
    June 4
    April 2
    March 5
    February 5
    January 8

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    December 4
    November 13
    October 2
    September 11
    August 7
    June 12
    April 3
    March 6
    February 6
    January 9

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