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GPI OA has about 40 meetings within our intergroup area.* Each meeting occurs weekly, is one hour long unless otherwise noted, and is non-smoking. Many Face-To_Face meetings are wheelchair accessible; please confirm wheelchair access info with the meeting contact person before attending.

Please note that there is no limit to how many meetings you can attend. Many members have found that attending more than one meeting a week has helped them to get and stay abstinent.

If you can’t find a Face-To-Face meeting in your area, or need more meetings than your area offers, consider an online, telephone meeting, or non real time meeting. These meetings can be located at the appropriate link on the Find a Meeting page on the main OA website (www.oa.org). These are a great resource when face-to-face meetings can’t be found in your area, you find yourself homebound, or just you just need additional support. You can find some additional options on our Homebound Support page.

If you will be observing an OA meeting, we ask that you first read our Observers' Etiquette.

In accordance with our traditions, our meeting list is only to be used to find meetings, not for any solicitations or other purpose.

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COVID-19 Meeting Issues

COVID-19 has caused drastic changes to our OA meetings; many of our Face-To-Face meetings have temporarily turned into virtual meetings. Given the ever evolving nature of the pandemic, our GPI Meeting List is updated regularly. If you plan to attend a Face-To-Face meeting, you should text or call the meeting contact(s) for detailed information about COVID-19 protocols at each meeting; we cannot track this level of detail on the meeting list.

For Newcomers During COVID-19

While it’s not easy being new, and it may seem especially difficult while there are fewer face to face meeting, you may be surprised at how welcomed you’ll be as a newcomer in a virtual meeting. It might be helpful to call a meeting contact from a group near you prior to attending your first meeting so there will be someone you know. You could even ask if there are any members who would be willing to meet you in person before you attend their virtual meeting so that you feel more comfortable.

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Meeting Changes

Please send any meeting changes or announcements to webmaster@gpioa.org.

  • Effective 3/5/22, the Sat 10a Monroeville Face to Face meeting will resume
  • The Tue 5:45p Monesson Face to Face meeting will not meet on July 26 or August 2

If you'd like to start a new meeting, please see Start a New Meeting.

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Holiday Schedules

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and may not reflect current COVID-19 status. For meetings not listed here which meet on or near a given holiday, please call the meeting contact for details.

Please send any upcoming holiday meeting information to webmaster@gpioa.org.

Holy Week and Passover

Holy Week and Passover
Will Be Meeting over Holiday Will Be Closed for Holiday
Apr 10 via Zoom Sun 6p Brentwood Apr 10  
Apr 14 via Zoom Thu 6p Pleasant Hills Apr 14  
Apr 15   Apr 15  
Apr 16 Face to Face Sat 10a Monroeville
via Phone Sat 10a Monroeville
Apr 16  
Apr 17 via Zoom Sun 6p Brentwood Apr 17  
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Etiquette for Observers at OA Meetings (compiled by members of GPIOA)

The members of Greater Pittsburgh Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous welcome visitors to OPEN meetings. You may wish to attend to learn about OA to complete a school assignment, to expand your professional knowledge, or to support a loved one.

However, as per our Twelve Traditions, in particular tradition #6, Overeaters Anonymous does not affiliate in any way with outside organizations. Therefore, you may not attend any OA meeting for the purpose of recruiting people for any purpose, either for profit -- such as looking for new clients for your business -- or non profit -- such as looking for research study participants.

We ask that you observe the following courtesies:

  • Confirm in advance that the meeting is an OPEN meeting. Members of open meetings have decided by group conscience to welcome anyone who is interested in the OA program for any reason. Every OA meeting has at least one contact person whom you can call to confirm that the meeting is OPEN and, if possible, set the date you plan to visit.
  • If you are attending as part of a class assignment, do not assume your class can attend the meeting as a group. Rather, call the meeting contact person to see how many students the meeting can accomodate at one time, and plan accordingly.
  • Please identify yourself as a visitor or observer before (or as soon as) the meeting begins.
  • Remember that you are observing an anonymous 12-step meeting, and that the principle of ANONYMITY is the bedrock of our program. If you are attending to complete a school assignment, for example, we ask that you not use names in your report. Neither audio nor image recording of any kind are permitted in OA meetings.

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Start a New Meeting

If you're interested in starting a new meeting, please see the following links for helpful information:

  • Start a New Meeting
  • Meeting Formats under "Categories" select "Meeting Formats"
    Meeting Formats include the following readings: Abridged Tools of Recovery, Our Invitation to You, 12 Steps, 12 Traditions

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* The geographic area of Greater Pittsburgh intergroup consists of Southwestern PA (Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Bedford, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Venango, Washington, and Westmoreland counties), part of WV (Brooke, Hancock, Harrison, Marion, Marshall, Monongalia, and Ohio counties), and bordering portions of OH (western Belmont and Jefferson counties.)
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